What I have learned this past year

AprilsMisc (9) 2After taking a hiatus from writing, I have decided to come back and share some things I have learned over the course of a year.

1. Happiness
You cannot expect others to make you happy. You are 100% responsible for that. If you are unhappy, you need to figure out the source and make changes within yourself to be happy. Sometimes that means adding or subtracting the people around you.

2. Accountability
You cannot rely on others. You have to be accountable to yourself. You can invite others to join you in your adventures, but you must also be willing to go forward alone. Don’t expect that everyone’s commitment will be in line with your own. You must be flexible.

3. Life Choices
When life gives you lemons, you have two choices. You can either freeze the lemons and throw them at the people who have made you miserable or you can squeeze them into a glass, add some bourbon, sit back and relax, and share it with some friends. Share your thoughts too. Make the best out of what you are given.

4. Stay Positive
Your job and/or your boss, can be your worst nightmare. Under no circumstances should you ever post anything negative on the internet about either one, as we have learned from Heather B. Armstrong and her million dollar blog Dooce.com (Seriously, maybe we all should write about our jobs. This Mommy Blogger has done well for herself). No really, even if your boss manages the office from a closed door, with a bad attitude, acts like she is 16 most of the time, and contradicts most of her decisions, then conveniently doesn’t remember every saying such things after the task has been completed. Hypothetically, just sayin. Insert eye roll here.

5. Fake It, Until You Make It
Last of all, “fake it, until you make it”. This little piece of advice was given to me by a woman I met through another friend. A woman I barely know, but feel like I have known forever. I friended her on Facebook after my friend Katie read her KickStarter story to me. The KickStarter project was already over, but they story was insane and terrifying (can be read here –> My Blog Post ). Even with everything she has been through, her energy is beyond positive and her adventures are just as amazing. She is truly inspirational. I had the pleasure of meeting her for the first time, when I offered to let her park her car in my driveway while she went on another adventure. She welcomed us into her home when she returned and gifted us with my favorite kind of coffee, Costa Rican beans. Her presence can brighten a room. So remember, “fake it, until you make it”. Life is full of surprises start living your dream.

Now go out and change the world.

Share what you have learned from last year.

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