Letter to my best friend

April's Miscellany, April Cadran

We have known each other since I can remember. I have so many amazing memories of the times we have shared together. I love the adventures we have and I look forward to our future adventures. It is comforting to know we can sit together and not say a single word, yet, so many things are shared. I have always looked up to you, confided in you, and strived to emulate you. You are the strongest person I know. I am not referring to physical strength. I mean mental strength; the strongest kind. You have had a lot of obstacles you had to overcome in your life and you keep moving forward. This is why you are my hero. I respect the things you have been through and the things you have done in life. I admire your wisdom, which is why I come to you for guidance and I open up to you about my thoughts and feeling without worrying that you will judge me. The dedication you have shown to me and others in your life is inspiring. You have shown me love, endless support, and acceptance with who I am.

With everything I have learned in life, the one thing that stands out the most is just how precious you are to me. It kills me just how short life can be, as we both have seen time and again. There are things left unsaid by people because the time we have is unpredictable and we always think there is more time together. Life is so short, I could be gone tomorrow and I still would not have spent nearly enough time with you, mom. Not a day goes by that I don’t wish we lived closer.

I am grateful I get to talk with you on the phone, text and Facetime whenever we want, it will never make up for being in the same state or city. The things we took for granted. It has been 12-years since you moved away and I miss you every single day.

I love you mom and I hope we get to live close to each other again soon.



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