April’s Bucket List

This is a list of all the things I want to do and have done in my lifetime. This list will be a never ending list, because I keep adding to it. Never stop adding to your own bucket list. Go out and explore, be inspired, and inspire others.

Click on the things I have completed to see a lightbox image. Enjoy!

  1. Grow our own fruit.
  2. Grow our own vegetables.
  3. Grow our own herbs.
  4. Grow plants to dry for tea.
  5. Buy a house.
  6. Fall in love.
  7. Start running.
  8. Earn a Bachelors Degree.
  9. Earn a Masters Degree.
  10. Find the end of a rainbow.
  11. Catch the biggest frog.
  12. Sleep with sharks.
  13. Ride in the Sacramento Turkey Day Bike Ride.
  14. Find a awesome trail.
  15. Go to Rosarito, Mexico with friends.
  16. Take Zoe to have lobster in New England.
  17. Theme party date night.
  18. Self-defense classes for Zoe.
  19. Take Zoe fishing.
  20. Volunteer for Zoe's 6th grade Sly Park Trip.
  21. Teach Zoe how to Ski.
  22. Teach Zoe how to Snowboard.
  23. Learn to surf.
  24. Buy a Jeep Wrangler.
  25. Do a jump spin thing on my snowboard.
  26. Run in Warrior Dash.
  27. Run in the Color Run.
  28. Run in RAGNAR.
  29. Help with an office prank.
  30. Outing with the girls dressed up to see Rocky Horror Picture Show live one more time.
  31. Hike the Appalachian Trail.
  32. Hike Kilimanjaro.
  33. Throw tomatoes at La Tomatina.
  34. Visit Area 51.
  35. Float in the Dead Sea.
  36. Walk to the top of the Statue of Liberty.
  37. Finish our family tree.
  38. Visit the Redwood National Forest.
  39. Participate in a protest and possibly get arrested.
  40. Build a giant sand castle.
  41. Meet and shake hands with the president.
  42. Go to Burning Man
  43. Buy a Round The World plane ticket.
  44. See Cirque duSoleil
  45. Go on an Amazon Rain Forest Expedition.
  46. Go wake boarding.
  47. Swim with giant turtles.
  48. Get scuba certified.
  49. Go Snorkeling.
  50.  Trek Montana.
  51. Learn to bar tend.
  52. Go to Death Valley.
  53. Attend the Rio Carnival.
  54. Go Whale Watching.
  55. Visit the Louve.
  56. Drive a race car.
  57. Swim with Stingrays.
  58. Attend Murder Mystery.
  59. Visit the Everglades.
  60. Dive with a whale shark.
  61. Donate my hair to charity.
  62. Go skydiving.
  63. Ride in a hot air balloon.
  64. Chase hot air balloons.
  65. Go wine tasting.
  66. Hike Utah's Bryce Canyon.
  67. Hike Utah's Zion National Park.
  68. Go scuba diving at least five times every year.
  69. Purchased a real good telescope.
  70. Experienced the Aurora Borealis.
  71. Go sunset snorkeling.
  72. Drive on the Autobahn.
  73. Get up and personal with an owl.
  74. Try Oysters Rockefeller.
  75. Teach Zoe how to drive.
  76. Buy a ridiculous birthday cake.
  77. Go white water rafting.
  78. Raised chickens.
  79. Sling a backpack on my back and go overseas without making reservations.
  80. Enjoy a zip line canopy tour.
  81. Show Zoe the classic movies we grew up watching.
  82. Volunteer for CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate).
  83. Volunteer for a Domestic Violence Shelter.
  84. Volunteer for a Rape Crisis Center.
  85. Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity.
  86. Volunteer for Sacramento Tree Foundation.
  87. Speak at a gathering about Domestic Violence.
  88. Speak at a gathering about Sexual Abuse.
  89. Volunteer at a local Police Department.
  90. Publish my recipe book.
  91. Ride a camel in the Sahara Desert.
  92. Attend Citizens Awareness Training at the local police department.
  93. Swim with a dolphin.
  94. Relax in my own back yard on a hammock.
  95. Hike to a waterfall.
  96. Tour the European Castles.
  97. Publish both of my books of poetry.
  98. Go on a cruise to Alaska.
  99. Go on a Caribbean cruise.
  100. Go on the 7-day Mexican Riviera Cruise.
  101. Go to Cozumel.
  102. Go to Hawaii.
  103. Go to Antigua and Barbuda.
  104. Go to Argentina.
  105. Go to Armenia.
  106. Go to Australia.
  107. Go to the Bahamas.
  108. Go to Bangladesh.
  109. Go to Barbados.
  110. Go to Belgium.
  111. Go to Belize.
  112. Go to Brazil.
  113. Go to Burma (Myanmar).
  114. Go to Cambodia.
  115. Go to Cameroon.
  116. Go to Canada.
  117. Go to Chile.
  118. Go to China.
  119. Go to Colombia.
  120. Go to Congo.
  121. Go to Costa Rica.
  122. Go to Cuba.
  123. Go to Czech Republic.
  124. Go to Denmark.
  125. Go to Dominican Republic.
  126. Go to Ecuador.
  127. Go to Egypt.
  128. Go to El Salvador.
  129. Go to England.
  130. Go to Ethiopia.
  131. Go to Fiji.
  132. Go to Finland.
  133. Go to France.
  134. Go to Germany.
  135. Go to Great Britain.
  136. Go to Greece.
  137. Go to Guatemala.
  138. Go to Guinea.
  139. Go to Haiti.
  140. Go to Honduras.
  141. Go to Hungary.
  142. Go to Iceland.
  143. Go to India.
  144. Go to Indonesia.
  145. Go to Ireland.
  146. Go to Israel.
  147. Go to Italy.
  148. Go to Jamaica.
  149. Go to Japan.
  150. Go to Kenya.
  151. Go to Korea.
  152. Go to Kosovo.
  153. Go to Laos.
  154. Go to Malaysia.
  155. Go to Mongolia.
  156. Go to Morocco.
  157. Go to Mozambique.
  158. Go to Nepal.
  159. Go to The Netherlands.
  160. Go to New Zealand.
  161. Go to Nicaragua.
  162. Go to Nigeria.
  163. Go to Norway.
  164. Go to Panama.
  165. Go to Paraguay.
  166. Go to Peru.
  167. Go to The Philippines.
  168. Go to Poland.
  169. Go to Portugal.
  170. Go to Romania.
  171. Go to Russia.
  172. Go to Rwanda.
  173. Go to Samoa.
  174. Go to Scotland.
  175. Go to Sierra Leone.
  176. Go to Singapore.
  177. Go to Somalia.
  178. Go to South Africa.
  179. Go to Spain.
  180. Go to Sri Lanka.
  181. Go to Sudan.
  182. Go to Sweden.
  183. Go to Switzerland.
  184. Go to Taiwan.
  185. Go to Tanzania.
  186. Go to Thailand.
  187. Go to Ukraine.
  188. Go to United Kingdom.
  189. Go to Venezuela.
  190. Go to Vietnam.
  191. Go to Zimbabwe.
  192. Go to Aruba.
  193. Go to Bermuda.
  194. Go to British Virgin Islands.
  195. Go to Cayman Islands.
  196. Go to Saint Helena.
  197. Go to Guam.
  198. Go to Kingman Reef.
  199. Go to Puerto Rico.
  200. Go to Virgin Islands