My name is April Cadran.
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I live in Northern California with my fiancé Thomas Vette:
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My 18-year-old daughter Zoe and Thomas’ 10-year-old daughter Tommi Blu:
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Our two cats, King Porter III and Admiral Spaztastic Jr.:
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While we only have two children, it sometimes feels like I have three and it can get overwhelming at times, which is why I write, travel, take pictures, and eat pizza.

I don’t know if anyone actually reads what I write. What I do know, is that this website has a lot of history and has brought me a lot of peace in my crazy life despite all the changes my blog has gone through. Oh the stories this blogs has seen, if this blog were a person it would be sworn to secrecy, but instead, I have the power to delete a post. If no one actually read the post, did it really exist?

A little about me, I was born in Franklin County, Massachusetts. I lived there for a short three years with my mother and grandparents before I moved to Orange County, California. I spent my youth hanging out at the beach worshipping the sun. In my youth I enjoyed trying to jump my banana seat bike off curbs and speed bumps, riding my skateboard until I did a face plant and had to have wires shoved through my gums to hold my two front teeth in my head, and playing ditch’em with the neighborhood kids until the street lights came on. We were the original dirty dozen. I used to watch horror movies that made it impossible sleep for days. I still have an unnatural fear of the dark when I am alone and I still watch horror movies through my fingers. In my teen years I had a lot of friends and spend my days hanging out, watching bands play in garages and around town, going to punk, ska, and rock shows, taking pictures, playing music, dying my hair outrageous colors, beach bonfires, hiking, hitchhiking, and trying to keep my friends out of trouble while getting into my own trouble.

My 20’s were a blur with working, motherhood, marriage, divorce, and the drama that encompassed it all.

In my 30’s I have met some great people, including my fiancé, Thomas. Thomas works every day as an artist full time in a tattoo shop. He is lucky enough to have a career he loves and he gets to be creative every single day. When Thomas is not tattooing he spends his time drawing, painting, or one of the numerous other projects he finds or creates for pleasure or as a commissioned artist. I also find projects for him to do around the house, now that we are homeowners and I bought him some cool tools. The work never ends.

I am enjoying my friends getting married and having babies, while I sit back and enjoy the giggles. Our babies are older now. Zoe is 18 going on 80. She is an artist, athlete, she volunteers and she loves photography. Zoe plays soccer, runs track-and-field, and cross country. She is excited about going to college. Tommi is 10. She is also an artist and very advanced in her education. She just started soccer and enjoys creating and building with Legos, maybe a future architect.

Both Zoe and Tommi are excited to have someone to call a sister and enjoy making a mess in the room they share as they play with Tommi’s toys. Their age gap does not hinder their imagination when it comes to playing together, art, and movies. Tommi usually wants to do what her sister is doing, so Zoe makes sure she includes Tommi on her decisions. I think it also gives Zoe an excuse to do little kid things.

I went back to school in 2007 when the housing market crashed and I found myself laid off for the first time. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and a Master of Science in Forensic Psychology. I work in a professional setting. I am also a photographer, writer, foodie, chauffeur, therapist, crisis diverter, peacekeeper, mom, fiancé, world traveler, planner, and friend. For now I take pictures and write on here, wondering if anyone is really reading any of this.

As a family we love to snowboard, play in the snow, cook, bake, paint, draw, write, sculpt, hike, travel, cook, garden, listen to music, explore nature, watch movies, build tents out of pillows and blankets, go to the park, shopping, daydreaming, color, photography, snuggle up to a good book, and do summersaults.