10 of my Favorite BirchBox Products

I have an amazing fashion sense, after I consult with my daughter, Zoe. For anyone who knows me, you know I am fashionably stunted. My makeup style hasn’t change since I started wearing it as a teenager. The only change I have ever made was alternating between brown and black eyeliner and that is it. I mean, I wear makeup and several pieces of it. You would think I should be at least semi-professional or something after my mom sold JAFRA for so long. I think the only time my mom ever wore makeup was when she had her JAFRA parties. I loved sneaking into her bag and trying on the lipstick. I loved the way it smelled. I loved watching all the ladies trying on makeup, they all looked so beautiful. At least, that’s how I remember it. Who am I to judge, I look like I have a black eye if I add a little sweep of eye shadow other than my usual neutral color.

I think I have the fashion basics down, I know not to wear a white bra under a white shirt, polka dots and stripes don’t go together, and not to wear white after Labor Day. Wait! I only know the Labor Day things from watching “What Not To Wear” as a desperate attempt to dress my age and I have no idea when it would be ok to start wearing white again after Labor Day has passed. Ok, moving on. Aside from that, I’m a mess. I have more black in my closet than any other color and I have to rely on my teenage daughter to tell me if I look like an idiot before I leave the house. Not to be confused with my highly desirable unemployment fashion.

A couple of friends were talking about the monthly shipments they receive form a company called BirchBox and how much they enjoy all the new samples they get to try. I finally decided to sign up under the fashionably challenged section of their Beauty Profile. While I did add that I wanted makeup to try, they have sent a majority of skin and hair care products, which I am grateful for. Some of the hair products have works well for my insanely frizzy mess that I tame with lethal amounts of product. While BirchBox turned me down for their Partner Program, I will not hold it against them, after all I’m not a beauty blogger. I decided to put a list together of my favorite products that I have received from BirchBox. These products have made my life, skin and hair better.

BirchBox Products

10 of my Favorite BirchBox Products

1. Eyeko Fat Liquid Eyeliner $16.00 – I am in love with this eyeliner. It is easy to use, goes on smooth, yet dark like black liquid eyeliner should. It is also smudge-proof, a huge plus for anyone who knows how disappointing it is to look in the mirror to realize you have been walking around with your eyeliner all over the place.

2. MDSolarSciences Mineral Creme SPF 50 Broad Spectrum UVA-UVB Sunscreen $30.00 – This is by far my favorite! It is really hard to find a sunscreen for your face that does not leave your skin greasy, causes your makeup to settle in your smile lines, or cause your face to breakout. This sunscreen has a silky matte finish and is hypoallergenic. I loved this sample so much, I bought the full size tube and I gave the sample to my friend because I wanted her to try it.

3. clariSEA Rapid Detox Charcoal Exfoliate $18.00 – This sea salt charcoal exfoliate solution has made my face so smooth and bright. I also loved this sample so much, I bought the full size bottle and I gave this sample to my friend.

4. eSalon Perfect Ending Leave in Conditioner $15.00 – Another great product for detangling, frizz, moisturizing, and creating a nice shine. Apply this after washing and towel drying your hair.

5. Shiseido Ultimate Powder Infusing Concentrate $67.00 – Before I even read anything about the age fighting ingredients, I was already in love. My skin feels so soft, it’s brighter, and the scent is very refreshing, like an iced green tea with honey. A little goes a long way.

6. & 7. Beauty Protector Protect & Condition & Beauty Protector Protect & Shampoo $21.95 – Sulfate-Free with pearl powder, “an ingredient that acts like the hair protein keratin.” It protects your hair from the heat used in styling and makes you hair shiny. It also smells so good. Soooo good.

8. Stila HUGE extreme lash mascara $23.00 – Move over fiber lashes! This mascara is bold with its rich jet-black color and the added extra volume and length. No problems with clumping or smudging either. I have only had to use one application at a time for beautiful thick results.

9. amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo $22.00 – For anyone who works out and has dry frizzy hair, knows the troubles of washing your hair every single day. I have tried numerous dry shampoo products only to discover they are not made for dark hair. This is a weightless spray perfect for all hair colors.

10. JUARA Coconut Illipe Hand & Nail Balm – $20.00 – This hand and nail balm has saved my hands, my super dry lizard hands. My hands stay moisturized even after I wash them, but the balm is not greasy in any way and perfect for the winter. The balm smells like dessert too.

BONUS Chuao Chocolatier Taste the Joy Chocopod Set $9.95 – I was sent a sample of the Firecracker Mini Bar: Sea salt, a dash of chipotle and a popping candy crackle in dark chocolate. It was delicious. Chuao has this gift box sampler with some really good tasting treats.

Thank you BirchBox!

What are your favorite BirchBox products? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Oh, I love the chocolate bar that you sent me that Popped in my mouth! Delish!! I have purchased facial moisturizer and it last me forever because I never remember to apply it! I’m a mess, so sorry I wasn’t more feminine while you were growing up….oh, and even though it’s been 25 years since I sold JAFRA, I still have some of the makeup!!! My face would probably fall off if I tried to wear it now.

    1. Mom, why do you have old makeup? Don’t use it, there is a shelf life. It was probably a good things you were not more feminine, we never would have gone camping and hiking if you were. Although, you did bring a generator and hair dryer when we went camping…

      1. I used it only once and my eyes itched like crazy. I keep in case of an emergency!! I tell my self to purchase new, but then I think that I won’t use it for 10 years and so it won’t be good anymore so why buy new that will turn old when I already have old! Hahahahahaha.

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